Lake Wealth Inc has partnered with the proven investment expertise of  the Archer Investment Corporation. They serve as a trusted partner of individuals, families and businesses providing investment management solutions based on a thorough understanding of each client’s situation and goals.


As a Registered Investment Advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, We take an objective and proactive approach and have assembled a team of investment professionals with decades of experience in analyzing securities, managing investment portfolios and formulating investment strategies.


As our client, you will benefit from a collaborative relationship of Archer Investment Corporation and Lake Wealth and Insurance that will address—and anticipate—your unique needs. 


Arrow Portfolios draw upon the expertise and institutional research capabilities of our Strategists and Portfolio Managers. Our specialists carefully construct model asset allocations reflecting Risk/Return Profiles to meet individual investment objectives and provide ample diversification.


The portfolios are then composed of no-load funds and ETFs selected from hundreds of carefully screened funds representing some of the most respected fund families. The portfolios are actively managed and closely monitored by our specialists for opportunities to improve the investment options and are rebalanced when appropriate.


Our approach is designed to create a plan that achieves your near and long term goals.


- Archer Investment Corporation & Lake Wealth and Insurance -


                                1) determine your goals & objectives

                                 2) create a strategic plan

                                 3) design your portfolio

                                 4) stay on course

                                 5) communicate with you routinely


We determine the appropriate allocation of assets to realize your particular objectives. We identify the specific investments that align with and support your strategy.  Together, we define your needs, goals, and risk profile.  We assess performance on a regular basis, making changes and refinements to your portfolio and strategy, as needed.